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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ranch Chicken Enchiladas

Picture by The Recipe Critic
Ranch Chicken Enchiladas
Somehow I survived the weekend of Christmas Shopping. It was a madhouse out there but I am done! The problem is I can't remember what I bought on Black Friday! I have wrapped gifts under the tree that I can't remember what they are. Grrrrr. Either way I AM DONE! No more shopping for this lady.
In addition to the Christmas Shopping I did manage to get some grocery shopping done and I have all the ingredients to make this delicious meal.
This is a quick, easy and delicious meal that the family will love. This is exactly the type of recipe that my family will gobble down. The hubby is making this for dinner tomorrow night for dinner.
I found this recipe on The Recipe Critic. What a darling little family they have.
Click HERE for the Recipe
Meet Alyssa and her family.

 I hope you had a wonderful weekend and you enjoy this delicious recipe.

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  1. You are too nice! Hope you liked them! :)

  2. Alyssa, they are amazing! I hope you are getting lots of traffic from this. I love finding great recipes and blogs and sharing them. You are one of them.Thanks for the the great recipe.


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